Nikolay Neznanov




George Kostyuk


Dear colleagues!


I would like to invite you to take part in the international conference “Centenary of community based psychiatry: landmarks and perspectives” that will be held 16.05.2019 – 18.05.2019 in Moscow.


According to WHO European Mental Health Action Plan (2013 – 2020), all countries in the European region have committed their strategies towards supporting the shift from institutional psychiatry to community-based mental health care. Many countries have developed a network of local, community-based mental health services, which serve the specific needs of their respective population sector. The role of community-based psychiatry is prevention, treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental health problems. However, the process of developing community- based mental health care is challenging, therefore, the exchange of ideas and experiences might be helpful in achieving these goals.


Russian psychiatry developed simultaneously in both institutional and community-based directions. The first community-based mental health services in Moscow were organized in 1919. In 2019, we will commemorate the centenary of community-based psychiatry. The conference can serve as a ground for sharing experiences and for finding solutions towards achieving our goal of improving care for our patients.


Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow!




    Professor George Kostyuk

Chief Psychiatrist of Moscow Health Department


Call for papers

Scientific Committee invites you to contribute with an article on the organization of community-based mental care in your country. The collection of articles will be published as a book that aims to reflect current situation in community-based mental care in different countries over the globe (details on publication terms and conditions will be provided shortly). The language of publication is English.
If you would like to contribute with the article, please, contact [email protected] for further instructions. Please, provide information regarding your name, your country, professional position and affiliations in the covering letter.