Who is stone cold dating


Together they defeat Owen and Bulldog to recapture the Tag Team Championship belts. Austin defeats Owen Hart for his first IC Title win.But vacates the IC and Tag titles due to an injury sustained during the match by a badly executed pile-driver.On 1992-09-02 Austin loses the title to Ricky Steamboat in a no-DQ match.1993-03-02 wins Tag Titles with Brian Pillman defeating Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas. Several months later (1993-08-18) Pillman goes on the injured list and Austin loses the Tag Titles, with replacement Steven Regal, to Arn Anderson and Paul Roma. 1993-12-27 Steve defeats Dustin Rhodes (aka Goldust) two out of three to win the US Title.On training he commented, "I like my hamburgers and beer." Austin likes to enjoy life, so he doesn't train as seriously as some other stars.He also mentioned that he may be getting new entrance music.

At the 1996 Buried Alive, Austin defeats Hunter Hearst-Helmsley (Triple H). At WM XIII Stone Cold loses to Bret Hart in a submission match, passing out rather than submitting. (1997-05-27) Austin and HBK Shawn Michaels win the Tag Titles defeating Owen Hart and Bulldog.

" On Byte This 1999-11-04 Austin said that he is indeed dating Debra, the two went on a hunting trip recently.

He likes working with Triple H and said he, or the Undertaker, would be his first choice for a partner if he had to have one.

They defeated Kane and Mankind at Fully Loaded 1998.

Austin's most recent WWF Championship reign ended when Mankind won a Triple Threat match at Summer Slam 1999.

1991-06-03 Steve defeats Bobby Eaton winning the WCW World TV Championship.

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