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' TBI OONTSACT OF m PLOTlfl NT 5 Mif M Caittta q«ot«I »bov», it i« Buffioient for our preae^^ POM that theie gomteet odtt, and that, with the common acoeptuoe of the view that the proteetioii of property involves the protection of the right to main leaeonable oontnurte with reference to its acquisition and use, thqr an undentood to guarantee the freedom of the contract of employment.* Labor is the workingman's capital, and it is hio right to em- ploy it or dispose of it as may appear to his judgment best in the oonditioo B in which he finds himself, subject only to the rules of law that f(Hrbid oontraets which are against pub Uc policy.* Eveiy man has the right to earn his Kving, or to pur- sue his trade or busmess, without undue interferenoe, a right of absolute freedom to employ or to be employed,' to make coq- tracts with reference to service, whether as employer or en- ployee, or to refrain from making them, for any reason or no reason,* and such a right is both a liberty and property right within the guarantees of the federal Constitution.* Such a rti Mjttte as that of Indiana, therefore, which prohibits employers from discriminating agauwt persons or classes of persons seeking empteyment, by posting notices or otiierwise,* is obviously of no value, smoe tiie employer is as free to reject as the employee is to refuse any proposition for employment, no matter by wixm made, or for what reason held undesirable.

CHAFTKB 17 Ktont ATio H or na Pknio Ai Conmom or Simonan 87. Bagnlatlon of f^ri«i«kwo Ariiopfc Agricultural machinl " CONTENTS CHAPTER V j^^^ Kmonnrr oi?

Be^nelit..' Accn*«.«e « h„ to' ft.* a^^" 148-140 CONTSNTB •BOTIOH 76.

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below / C* document est f ilmi au taux d* r Muction Indiqu4 ci-dcisout.

10x 14x 18x 22x 26x 30x 12x 16x 20x 24x 28x 32x Ths copy filmed h«r« has b Mn rapredue«d thanks to th« gcfwrosity of: L'oxomplairo film* fut roproduit gric* k la 84n Aroalt« da: Nitfo Ml Library of Cmm Ji tfblfothiqi M Mtl OMi* du CMMd* Tha Imagas appearing hata * m 80.

tachet^ ou pk^u^es I I Pages detached/ Pages d^tach^ Showthrough /Transparence Quality of print varies / Oualit^ in^gale de I'impression Includes supplementary material / Comprend du materiel suppl^mentaire I I Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, ' — ' tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best possible image / Les pages totalement ou partieiiement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, etc., ont 6 film^es k nouveau de fa(on h obtenir la meilleure image possible.

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