Validating xml against xsd in java

// create Marshaller using JAXB context Marshaller m = context.create Marshaller(); // To format the [to be]generated XML output Property(Marshaller. TRUE); //Set Schema Schema( schema ); // Marshall the mapped object and write output to [or to a file] m.marshal(university, System.out); m.marshal(university, new File(SOME_FILE)); package com.model; import sax. In case the generated XML does not comply with specified schema , Marshaller/Validator will throw error and eventually fail.In our example, section property in Student class contains a min Length (4) constraints.Please note that Section element in below XSD contains a min Length constraint(4 chars).We will verify the validation against this constraint. SAXParse Exception; public class Custom Validation Error Handler implements Error Handler That’s it.The schema is the specification for how our XML may look like. Java merely provides a mechanism of validation the schema rules against a given XML.

XMLSerializer.child As Sole Content( at xml.v2.runtime. Class Bean Info Impl.serialize Root(Class Bean Info at xml.v2.runtime.

This post shown how JAXB2 Schema validation can be used in your project, validating the generated XML against specific XML Schema Definition [XSD].

An XML Schema Definition describes the structure of an XML document and governs the rules and constraints being applied on XML content.

Single Element Leaf Property.serialize Body(Single Element Leaf at xml.v2.runtime.

Class Bean Info Impl.serialize Body(Class Bean Info at xml.v2.runtime. Xml Type; @Xml Root Element(name = "University") @Xml Type(prop Order = ) public class University This post depicts an example of Student and University relation. A University can have several properties and additionally multiple students.

If the XML document is invalid, the catch block prints the details.

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