Utah dating violence bill


Plans are afoot to show lawmakers the error of their unconstitutional ways by having a medley of fringe religious groups invited to deliver an invocation.

Utah atheists are making good on their promise to deliver messages during the public prayer portion of city council meetings.

"We don't want to make it a circus sideshow." The case began in 1994 when Snyder sued the city of Murray after its officials refused to let him give a proposed prayer considered by city leaders to be disparaging and disrespectful.

Snyder's attempt followed close on the heels of a 1993 Utah Supreme Court decision that allowed Salt Lake City to have an opening prayer at council meetings.

A member of Utah Atheists exercised his legal right in replacing public prayer, reading from a prepared text to open the Syracuse council meeting Tuesday.

Later this month, the same group will open a Clearfield council meeting.

Other responsibilities include encouraging policies that increase a positive response for these issues, strengthening language in law and bills that negatively affect these social ills, and direct and support agencies and organizations that work to end domestic violence and rape and sexual assault in our local communities.

"We can't bring druids in and have a ceremony sacrificing a chicken," Van Wagoner said.

He came down from the dais before the prayer, saying he was doing so to illustrate that he was praying as a resident and not as a member of the council."This is the first time in Utah history that an atheist gave the opening prayer," Hatch said.Syracuse recently adopted a policy that allows anyone who requests to do so to open the council meeting with an invocation or thought."We allowed them to make two statements," said Syracuse City Councilman Jon Jepperson. The other more pronounced statement was not to stand during the pledge of allegiance." Utah Atheists are currently scheduled to open the Clearfield council meeting on Jan. To allow Utah cities to continue opening council meetings with prayer, many city attorneys recommended communities have invocations or devotions on a volunteer basis.Layton Assistant City Attorney Steve Garside said that if public prayer is allowed by any religious denomination to be part of an opening ceremony, then cities need to afford the same opportunity to all groups.The Office on Domestic and Sexual Violence is the States Office that works on issues that deal with domestic violence, rape and sexual assault and dating violence.

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