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However, Ni can be understood in a rational way, as Dr. Their Ni then subconsciously processes this data in order to make sense of it, like assembling pieces of a puzzle.Once finished, Introverted Intuition generates an impression that seems to come out of ‘nowhere.’”At times, INJs may feel like psychics or prophets.At the very least, they’re often biting their tongues to avoid telling others, “I told you so.” This is because Ni is the most forward-looking of all the cognitive functions.It is wholistic in its approach and sees the big picture.

But it’s not enough for INJs to just entertain their hunches and visions. INFJs may choose a more metaphorical or narrative approach, using analogies, word pictures, or stories to illustrate their insights. For this reason, Carl Jung characterized INJs as dreamers and seers.

They enjoy learning new things and pondering what might be possible, so they think more about the future than the past.

They like to work with symbols and abstract theories, even before they know how they will use them.

For example, your Sensing friend may accurately remember what you ordered at a restaurant the last time the two of you were there, .

Sensors see the practical use of things and learn best when they see how to use what they’ve learned.

Taken together, our results demonstrate the importance of domain expertise in intuitive decision making and carry a number of theoretical and practical implications.► We relate domain expertise to intuitive decision-making effectiveness.

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