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Resource Staff (Non Approval): The chosen resource staff member(s) will be responsible for dealing with reports and issues pertaining to the resources section of the website.

They will not be responsible for approval / moderation of plugins.

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The server runs a recent snapshot build (currently 1.13-pre7) and is available for all members to play on.

You can play on it as you wish (survival, creative), but please make sure to respect the gameplay of others.

After over 200 days of work and more than 500 commits, it is time for me to announce that the first 1.13 versions of Craft Bukkit/Spigot/Bungee Cord are now available to the public.

Before continuing further I must stress the point that these .

They are being released now to 1) allow plugin developers to begin porting their plugins, and 2) allow community members to contribute the finishing touches and improvements.

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