Updating a sony blu ray player

There's a chance Sony has still yet to roll this part of the firmware update out to TV owners, which could explain the limited support for built-in apps.

Archer adds that the most likely explanation for Sony TVs not working with Dolby Vision sources over HDMI is that the TV update has introduced a new 'profile' version of DV that is incompatible with other equipment.

Going through all the firmware update business is just an impediment to enjoying their movie or other entertainment.

In the vast majority of cases, firmware updates are provided free via the manufacturer, but there may rare cases where a specific firmware update may require payment of a fee - this usually reserved when a manufacturer offers a new feature, as opposed to a routine update to fix an operational problem or compatibility issue.

The application of firmware in such products provides a basic operating system platform that allows the execution of complex instructions that enable the component to operate.

However, for average consumers, they just want their disc to play right the first time, and not hassle anything else.

That update is now rolling out a year on, but there's one problem, it doesn't work with Dolby Vision sources over HDMI or USB.

That means Dolby Vision sources such as Oppo's UDP-203 and UDP-205 Blu-ray players and the Apple TV aren't currently supported.

Archer has previously discovered that Dolby Vision sources over HDMI can occasionally introduce elevated black levels.

Dolby admitted it was the culprit of the issue and quickly found a fix, but it was down to TV manufacturers to implement it as part of their own firmware updates.

You can install firmware updates over an Ethernet cable, or by downloading the files from the Sony e Support site yourself, burning those files to a disc and then installing the update from the disc to your Blu-ray player.

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