The truth about boys and dating


Dave Elliot is a Neurostrategist and Coach who is known for getting results with a variety of techniques that enable rapid transformational change.

Connect with Dave for support in moving past bad relationship cycles or a toxic bad boy phase.

He is internally driven and certain of who he is and what he wants.

By using these facts and tips, you will be able to attract the guy you like.

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Men who don't get their (occasionally insatiable) need for feminine radiance met inside a relationship have no choice but to look elsewhere — whether they cheat, disappear, or just break up instead.

Additionally, men who feel like they are constantly in a power struggle with a "type A female" may decide to tear their women down a few notches to tilt the balance of power back in their favor.

In my work as a relationship coach and blogger, I hear it over and over again — yet, at some level, it still takes me by surprise — "Why do so many really smart, accomplished and attractive women go for 'bad boys' or alpha males?

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