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Here’s a simple fact: It’s super hard to get a dating product funded by mainstream Silicon Valley investors, even though it’s a favorite startup category from 20-something entrepreneurs.There’s a large swath of angels/funds who categorically refuse to invest in the dating category in the same way that many refuse to invest in games, hardware, gambling, etc.The Bumble app has user growth of about 100 percent year over year, making it one of the fastest-growing dating properties, one of the people said.The app had more than 12.5 million users last year, according to Forbes.It's an opt-in feature, and users won't be matched with people they're already friends with on Facebook.There's also a text-only private messaging inbox, which isn't connected to the Messenger or Whats App apps.

Match Group has monopolized the dating app industry by buying dating startups that compete with its own services."This will be a good test of whether Facebook can truly create a positive, privacy-aware service for its users," she said.Experts say it's not shocking Facebook is getting into dating, especially given that existing dating-app companies have largely relied on the social media behemoth for their own apps.Apps like Tinder, for example, require a Facebook login to use its service.This grants the apps access to select Facebook data, which speeds up the process of creating dating profiles. "I am surprised it took this long for Facebook to get into the space," said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy."I know a lot of you are going to have questions about this," Zuckerberg said during his keynote speech.

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