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The way that so many DS games made me jump back and forth between stylus and d-pad and face buttons and shoulder buttons was suddenly bewildering and horrible, and it seemed amazing that people had ever come to tolerate it. Two of the most recent releases I looked at were Atari All-Time Classics Vols 1 and 2.I played 25 games in all, covering every genre from FPS to platforming and racing and cards, and Pang Magical Michael was the only one where I really thought . What must be almost 20 years after they first started selling official Atari retro packs for the PC with Asteroids, Battlezone and the like in them, the company is still flogging the same handful of exhausted horses, padded out with dozens of the VCS games nobody cared about.Goldeneye DS is impressive, but it chugs like a thirsty Australian. On the DS you're doing well if you can manage it in five times that, and changing games will double the time again, whereas with i OS it adds an extra 0.1 seconds to press the Home button.Activision's reboot of one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time commendably takes the moral high ground on DS, by trying to port the Wii game properly rather than making some weak unrelated 2D spinoff as has traditionally been the case. People often criticise the i Pod Touch and the older i Phones for their battery life, but they forget that they're always on and ready to go, in a way the DS and PSP aren't. The DS version has been a long time coming (it was first announced way back in 2007), but it's brilliant. How in the name of Sweet Zombie Jesus do you manage to make a match-three game take up over a gigabyte?I'm sure the absence of a screenshot function is a significant part of why there was never a dedicated DS games magazine or even a decent website, despite it being the most popular and successful videogames console of all time. Now we've only got 20 minutes of compulsory tutorial to go and we might get a shot at the actual game!

Why is there no You Don't Know Jack game for i OS yet? You have no idea how many times I got to something I wanted to take a picture of for this piece, reached for the Home and power buttons, then remembered they weren't there.Aged viewers will recall this reporter's once-burning love for the Nintendo DS.But it wasn't just the appearance on the scene of the younger, slimmer, all-touching-all-the-time i Things that caused the flame to die.(Oh, and while we're mentioning the controls – despite all the real buttons it's no easier to play than a well-made i OS shooter like Zombie Infection, and their presence means the developers haven't been able to resist throwing in annoying and superficial touch-screen bits even when you're playing with the all-button option. So let's offer a valedictory salute to the DS as it shuffles towards the exit door.I honestly wouldn't entirely rule out a fucking blowing-into-the-mic bit later on.) 8. I'd love it for eternity if the only game it had ever run was Bangai-O Spirits (almost certainly my single most-played videogame of all time), but it offered so much more.The truth of the matter is, it's just not a big deal. Each volume of the latest offers just nine ancient coin-ops, the most recent of which (I think) is 1983's Crystal Castles, and with the vast majority horribly unsuited to the DS either by dint of being a vector-graphics game (Black Widow, Major Havoc, Red Baron, Space Duel, Gravitar – the last of which is essentially unplayable because on some planets the resolution isn't sharp enough to be able to see which way your ship is pointing), a portrait-mode one requiring hideous sideways contortions or graphical mangling to get it into landscape (Centipede, Millipede), or just plain rubbish (Super Breakout).

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