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But he said that he had borne his illness with great dignity.Fr D'Arcy said Mr Mc Guinness had "faith in abundance" and his first duty was as a father.You notice something different about Predict as soon as a profile appears. Gone is the photo card that encourages you to deliver a verdict without ever seeing what the person might have written. And finally, the saucy bit which probably got you reading this in the first place and which, with the above, may make Predict the best dating app yet for hetero women.Founder and creator Ayal Belling says this emphasis on words makes people more inclined to write, giving you more to go on. It has a third option to the usual yes or no of swipe-style dating which, it claims, makes people more honest about whether they're after a casual or more serious relationship.Counsel said Mr Williams informed Gerry Lennon, managing director of the Sunday World, on January 14th last of his intention to leave his position and to work for the Mr Connaughton said lawyers for Mr Williams had said the three months notice did not arise because he was working under a fixed term contract, which had expired earlier this week, and was therefore entitled to move to another publication.Counsel said it was disputed Mr Williams was working under a fixed term contract.A communication by Mr Williams’ to Mr Lennon in October last in which he stated he did not intend to renew his contract did not amount to giving notice, he argued.

The newspaper had also provided security measures for Mr Williams in recognition of his position as crime editor, Mr Lennon added.

She noted the and also granted him liberty to apply to vary or discharge the order.

Mark Connaughton SC, for Sunday Newspapers, said his client contended, under the provisions of the National Union of Journalists house agreement which covered Mr Williams’s position as crime editor, he was obliged to serve three months' notice.

Daughter Kerri said that "reading the papers over long breakfasts together will always be one of my most treasured moments".

Former colleagues of Mr Mc Guinness were also among the large crowd who mourned the entrepreneur's passing.

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy today granted Sunday Newspapers Limited an interim injunction, returnable to Monday next, preventing Mr Williams working for any publication other than the Sunday World.

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