Smarter advice for dating relationship question

Try to release yourself from material envy and buy what you value, and don’t covet your neighbor’s latest big purchase.

You don’t know their finances and how (or if) they are able to afford that new BMW, so stick with your budget and plan.

Hopefully this expansive list of all-things-financial will get you motivate to buckle down and get your money matters under control and working for you.

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Bonus: You’ll cut the stress of getting the mailers out of your life immediately.

And for more great money-saving advice, here’s the best way to buy real estate.

If you have kids and are assuming they will want to go to college, set up a 529, which is also called a “qualified tuition plan.” This savings plan is sponsored by a state or state agency and you can contribute up to ,000 (0k for married couples) per beneficiary without being subject to the federal gift tax.

Admit it, even though you’ve been an adult for a long time, own a car and a house—and maybe even have a Roth 401k and regularly contribute to a savings account—you still have no clear idea on how to manage your money to its fullest. The key to getting better with money is to realize something crucial: It’s not a mystical science that’s unfathomable to the average joe.

It just takes diligence and a willingness to learn.

Basically you just need to track your finances for a month and then adjust your spending to what’s coming in.

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