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The mine has been worked for 900 years and was one of the largest salt mines in the world with underground passages and 2000 caverns of various sizes.Legend has it that the salt mines were part of the dowry of the Hungarian princess, Kinga, when she married Boleslaw the Shy over 700 years ago.Notice to competitors: All information obtained from this website, including members' addresses, photos, materials, and text can only be used by our clients for private non-commercial use.Use of this information for any commercial purposes without our prior written permission is completely prohibited and will result in prosecution to the fullest extent under the law.KL Autschwitz, was transformed by the occupying Nazis into an efficient forced-labor camp.It became the center for the systematic murder of Jews, Gypsies, Russian POWs and others considered undesirable by the Nazis.

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At Birkenau go up to the watchtower above the entrance gate to see the view of the biggest Nazi extermination camp.

After time for lunch, we walk through thee Jewish Quarter (Josefov), once the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Golden Lane and the beautiful Castle gardens.

The Ghetto, dates back to the 13th century and presents us with the opportunity to see a little of what life was like for Jews of that era. After time for lunch in the Castle area, we will visit the „Lesser Town“ and then walk over the Charles bridge to the Old Town Square.

Wawel Royal Castle is the pride of racow and the heart of the nation as it’s cathedral is the final resting place of monarchs and wordsmiths.

After time for lunch, we continue our visit through the Jewish Quarter Kazimierz where the film "rom the 16th century it became the main cultural center of Polish Jewry with its unique Oriental atmosphere.

Next we visit the larger Auschwitz II, better known as Birkenau.

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