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So I continued talking to her per normal but her reply immediately turned into "haha okay.

"Wasn't really pressuring her either because I was only texting her/calling from time to time (once a week) to see how she's doing and whether she want to go out for some events, she was like "I'm busy, stress, oh you know girls stuff, none of your concern. I have stuff on that day."I literally told myself "FUK IT.

You're are far more tolerant person than I am. She even had access to his gmail account, and ask if we watched a particular movie at a particular cinema. I of course after soaking in some of the drama decided to just ignore the both of them. I've been on both OKC and Tinder, and OKC used to be a lot better than what it is today. (Me thinks give him a chance to talk properly) Let's rewind shall we? I never got the thought process behind the idea that big dick = I DO DECLARE SIR THAT I WILL MAKE SEXY TIME WITH YOU.

Two ex-classmates pulled the same bait-and-switch on me; I'm no longer on speaking terms with one of them. I'm a girl, and I've had a couple message me from okc asking for a threesome, a few older men asking to be my sugar daddy, and a particular guy asking to 'drive me out for lunch' every Sunday for 4 months. Hello, I am *** and I'm not interested in ONS. Or even that it means you're great in the sack.

“Don’t be afraid to try out as many platforms as necessary”, says Violet. Get feedback Often, singles don’t set up the best profiles of themselves. Share your profile with your friends or family to get feedback on how you could improve on it – and don’t just share it with those “who will only give good comments. If you aren’t comfortable with sharing your dating life with your loved ones, read up on the do’s and don’ts of online dating profiles.

Set realistic expectations It is common to score people that you meet, on a scale from one to 10, based on attractiveness or ‘date-ability’.

But it is important to be on the same page as your date from day one.

Be upfront about what you are looking for – be it a casual relationship or a serious one – so that it doesn’t lead to misunderstandings down the road.

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Most of the time, people look for someone with a higher number than themselves.

Different platforms have different advantages, and of course, different kinds of reputation as well.

If you’re open to talking about your dating life with your friends, you can even ask them about their experiences on the different mediums.

Try everything With online dating apps, websites, and offline events being held for singles, it is important to figure out the platform that best suits your needs.

Violet recommends “starting out with a combination of both online and offline options”.

The other was at least courteous enough to treat me to dinner. "encountered this so many times by so many different people I was so confused and eventually asked one of them why it mattered."oh no lah just asking. But I was being diplomatic while anxiously counting down the minutes till the end of the date. Went home and still continued texting.2 days later she texted me if I wanted play lan cause they were 1 short. I would say people on okc try harder (in the sense that the messages tend to be longer and more 'real') but that's because you can message literally anyone on okc and for Tinder you both have to match. Occasionally there are ladies who response, but most of them are not willing to meet up. It's like, you may be driving a huge Toyota SUV but it's still a Toyota..."You're too nice for me"I will never understand this sentence. But tbh i dutched everything with her, i paid for her movie ticket ONCE. Should i slap my date every week if i manage to get a new one?

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