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A popular tourist attraction in Ayia Napa is sea tours, during which one may encounter a mysterious creature that is believed to inhabit one of the underwater caves and, according to the tales, looks very much like the Loch Ness Monster.Not many people had a chance to meet it, but everybody knows where it lives: not far from the Cape Greco..such local newspapers as Cyprus Weekly publish stories told by people who claim to have seen it.One of the witnesses, interviewed by the newspaper, says: «I have seen it with my own eyes, and it was not a mistake». Nevertheless, the existence of the monster has not yet been proven.Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs admitted that the officials are interested in investigating the rumours, adding that it is possible that some kind of a sea snake lives in the reservoir.The dam was built to provide the territories around it with water.There is a fish farm at the dam, where different types of edible fish are breed.

When the World War II began, Stelios Joannou and George Paraskevaides renovated the airport so that it could serve the war needs the best.Be ready to read about spiritual power spots, a sea monster and its freshwater «brother», and an unsolved mystery of an abandoned hotel.There also will be sad stories about deserted villages and a ghost-airport, or a Shakespearean tragedy, coming to life in a Medieval castle…It is possible, that the author of this version is the same old sceptic, but there definitely is logic in it: it is widely known that not only zoos with exotic animals, but also unusual pet lovers are quite widespread on the island.Some of the stories about the Kouris dam creature were published at Famagusta Gazette (the issue of October 27th, 2008, Reuters).If you decide to go and see the dam, you are not likely to regret it anyway: this a very beautiful place to spend some time fishing and resting. It used to be a major traffic centre hosting hundreds of passengers every day — the main airport on the island.

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