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" I used to like the group's music until I read that and completely lost any respect for her... [ 129, -11] Is she trying to get popular through Jun Jin? Choongjae is more naive than people think so he must suffer a lot from being used.. [ 116, -10] I don't believe it, seems more like a ploy to use him to get her group name out there. Ah, that girl that wrote kimuchi on Twitterㅋ The one that said that she'd apologize coolly once netizens caught on to it?? I hope that the people that don't know will look it up because her way of talking is really disrespectful;; 2. [ 113, -9] Jun Jin oppa is too good for her - Article: Jun Jin and Park Joohyun revealed to be in a relationship overnight "Still checking with them" Source: Newsen via Nate 1. - Article: Shinhwa Jun Jin - SPICA Park Joohyun in a relationship, from senior and junior to lovers... Jun Jin is part of one of the longest running idol groups Shinhwa and Park Joo Hyun is part of SPICA, who are part of B2M Entertainment, home to Lee Hyori.SPICA has already gained much popularity for having exceptional vocal skills. Source: Soompi Overall reaction among the fans so far seems positive; most of the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the hardcore already happened, since his couple ring was noticed some time ago. Here's to Shinhwa family barbeques happening by 2020.As her senior, Jun Jin often gave her serious advice which allowed them to build trust in each other” and “Jun Jin’s Kakao avatar has been a couple shot between the two for quite some time now.” Both parties didn’t deny the fact that they were dating.According to an official, “They are dating seriously, but they are very careful about the relationship since Park Joo Hyun is only a rookie.” Much attention is being drawn since the two idols are under the same label as Lee Hyori, B2M Entertainment.내 품에 네가 이젠 쉴 수 있도록 (Rescue me..) 네가 떠나버리기 전엔 (아무것도 몰랐어) 내게 중요했던건 오~ 나일뿐 이젠 깨달았어 너무 늦었지만 너를 알아본거야 하나의 사랑인걸 제발 내게 닥친 고통 속에서 나를 구해내 주겠니 일 년 같은 하루를 사는 게 너무 힘에 겨워 견딜 수 없어.그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한대도 Cause you are the one 다신 내게 니가 없던 시련 또 없을 거야.

Love has blossomed between Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin (age 32) and SPICA‘s Park Joo Hyun (age 26).

Junjin's official commented, "They are being very careful right now.

) Nal badajundamyeon nae modeunge byeonhal geoya Neo-igireul ganjeolhi wonhae wonhae Geudaemaneul algesseo Nae sumi da handaedo Cause you are the one Dashin naege niga eoptdan shiryeon ddo eopseul geoya Nae pume niga ijen shil su ittdorok Yeah~ Uh~ 그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한대도 Cause you are the one 모두 변한다 해도 (난 변하지 않겠어) 그냥 내버려둬 나의 그녀에겐 시간이 필요할 테니까 난 기다려야만돼 때론 힘들겠지 항상 네 곁엔 완벽한 사랑이 있어 내가 줄 수 없던 많은 것 세상을 다 가진 너일 테니까 그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한대도 Cause you are the one 다신 내게 니가 없던 시련 또 없을 거야.

내 품에 네가 이젠 쉴 수 있도록 See time don’t stop, the crime don’t stop, So I won’t stop till I’m sittin’ on top, to every home phone and a cells gets parked, and every hard top get chopped to we drop Yeah-, Uh- I’ll only know of you even if my breath ends ‘Cause you are the one Even when everything changes (I won’t change) just let it be my one will need the time I have to only wait It’ll be hard sometimes, there is always a perfect love next to you Many things that I can’t give you you probably have the whole world.

I’ll only know of you even if my breath ends ‘Cause you are the one I won’t go through the ordeal of not having you again so you’ll be able to rest in my embrace (Rescue me..) Before you left (I didn’t know anything) The important one to me oh!

Many believe that the ring is indeed a couple ring.

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