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There are other spotty and marbled pedigree breeds too, so let’s look at the spotty ones first: there’s one of the oldest domesticated breeds, the Egyptian Mau, and also the Ocicat, Brown Spotted Manx, Brown Spotted British Shorthair, the Oriental Spotted Tabby and the Brown Asian Spotted Tabby.Here’s some examples: On our Bengal Cat Facts page, we explain lots of different facts about us Bengals which may help you if you want further information about the breed; in this article, we’re going to be more specific about what makes Bengals different to the other cats we’ve mentioned.The fur of a regular tabby cat is often “ticked” whereas this should not occur in Bengals – ticking is where each strand of hair is broken up into different bands of colours.Our Friday cat has ticked fur – we can see the difference this makes compared to a Bengal: As well as the fur and the coat which we’ve focused on a lot, there are other characteristics of the Bengal breed which when you put them all together, makes us a uniquely beautiful cat.They’re going to help us explain the differences between Bengals and tabbies in this article 🙂 Not necessarily!

The golden glow of a Brown Bengal or the pearl dusting effect on a lighter coloured Bengal must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

A Bengal’s spots should be more randomly distributed, with no set patterns, and are usually larger and more distinct than those of other breeds.

A Bengal’s spots are often arrowhead-shaped like you can see on some of Fire’s in the picture and there should be a sharp contrast of colour between the spots and the base coat.

Some of the most common questions we’re asked are “What are the differences between a tabby cat and a Bengal cat? ” So we thought it might be handy to write our thoughts down on how you can tell whether your cat is a Bengal or a lovely tabby or even some other breed.

Before we go any further, we must point out that in writing this article, we’re not inferring that tabby cats are in any way inferior to Bengal cats – we love all cats in our World, and have our very own ginger tabby cat, Robbie and have had lots of tabby cats in the past, including our gorgeous girl, Friday.

We hope you’ve found this a useful guide for you to identify if you have a true Bengal or not.

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