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Another man has told the diocese that he was abused by the priest in 1987. Mc Laughlin is not in active ministry, the Toledo diocese said in response to the complaint.Alexander Pinter - Priest was removed from the diocese in 1960 after several families in St.Anthony Villa shelter house and former president of its Friends and Alumni association, convicted of nine felonies including rape and gross sexual imposition for sexually assaulting four young boys while taking them on outings. John Hemstreet - Priest, 63, left active ministry in 1987, and arrested in 1992 for sexually abusing 10-year-old boy in Toledo. In 2000, he led public protests against Boy Scouts for discriminating against gays. In 1985, he was found to have financial ties to two gay bars in Toledo, according to a police investigation, and was sent to treatment center in Virginia.Bernard Kokocinski - Longtime Toledo area priest, 64, facing lawsuit by two brothers in Lucas County Common Pleas Court alleging he molested them between 1975-78 while at St. Records show three previous arrests since 1972: sexual imposition, soliciting and public exposure. Richard Liston - Late priest was accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy at Norwalk St. He left the ministry in 1986 and died in 1994 at the age of 59.He was a religion teacher at Toledo's Central Catholic at the time of the incidents. Michael Doyle - Late priest who died in 1987 was accused by woman in October lawsuit against the diocese of molesting her repeatedly between 19 at the former St. Two others female accusers have since hired lawyers, saying they were also abused by cleric in 1950s while they were orphans.

If at least one of the two above factors do not exist in your situation, you cannot file for an injunction against sexual violence.Stephen's parish in East Toledo went to Toledo police accusing the pastor of rape and abuse of altar boys. He was allowed to go to Canada, and eventually died in Louisiana as a parish priest in 1978 at the age of 59, records show. James Rapp - Former priest, 61, serving with Oblates of St.Joseph Pucci - Late Toledo priest and member of Oblates was accused by two women of sexually molesting them when they were young teenagers in 1950s. C., acknowledged complaints after a Toledo woman stepped forward this year, saying she was abused in her home by priest. Francis de Sales of Toledo, was sent to treatment center for sex disorders in 1986 after abuse allegations arose in Jackson, Mich., by teenage boys.Anthony Villa, a shelter house for troubled children, convicted in 1985 of raping three boys, all under age 13, during overnight visits to his home. Fred Garand - Toledo priest murdered in Broward County, Fla., in 1982, in unsolved homicide at 54.Sentenced to 7 to 25 years in prison on each count. Toledo police, assisting Florida authorities, interviewed two boys at the Child Study Institute downtown who said they were sexually abused by the priest, and also knew of others. Not valid with any other offers, including Eat & Play or Eat, Play, Win Combos.

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