Scottish highlander dating sites


At Culloden Moor, see the site of the last major battle on British soil in 1746.Continue to Clava Cairns, a prehistoric clan burial site dating from 2,000 BC.Visit the evocative battlefields of Glencoe, scene of an infamous 17th-century massacre - one of the darkest days in Scottish history.Later, gather for a farewell dinner on board your barge.

The result is a compelling blog and an ace, enduring cultural resource.Unique because the reviewers are paying punters (who go by the names Statler and Waldorf), with no affiliations to the industry.(KI) Stu Mc Hugh’s long-running indie magazine was online way before music and blogging had met properly.This might mean that your favourite bookmark hasn’t placed: a number of the sites in our longlist were eliminated because, although very good, they were basically just a Scottish version of the sort of site you can find anywhere.Similarly, we knocked out some great original ideas where the content was patchy or infrequently updated.Housed together, these articles constitute an ongoing, evolving theory on artistic and civic ‘Scottishness’ by a vital and often overlooked commentator.

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