Rules to dating a drug dealer risks of dating an older man

A few days later, she shared that the guy will be coming to visit in late November and the au pair is planning on having him stay with her and her host family.

So if I wasn’t sure, there was a dangerous criminal, I would definitely make sure before I open that box…

It seems every young person pulled over the officers smell pot and bring out the drug dog for a car search.) A search of the car may ensue, and the boyfriend may deny the drugs are his, the cop may decide the drugs belong to both, or to AP.

And depending where you live, there may well be case law imputing any drugs in the car to possession by the driver.

What’s classic: Your Au Pair’s friend, who is also an Au Pair, is doing something unsafe.

Your Au Pair told you about it, because she’s worried. How can you help in a positive way, without giving away the confidence of your own Au Pair?

But that’s all assuming he’s BRINGING drugs…why would he?

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