Rule of dating korean


Find out what’s ok and what’s not ok with touching the opposite sex in Korea!

Korean culture is a conservative culture, and not everyone is cool with public displays of affection in Korea.

It is as if you are reading the manhwa itself whenever there's a scene of him. Everything about this drama is completely beautiful.

I remember being so upset completing this drama, because it was just so good and I didn't want to leave the characters and the story yet.

The ending was a bit convoluted, but I kept thinking - the writer was so good, was this on purpose? Plot: I am in complete agreement that the premise was brilliant. In fact, the first couple of episodes showed its potential to be the best of the best kdramas ever.

Second time around - I again saw the opening left by the writer for a possible sequel. I would love to see a sequel - it could really be a showcase for the Korean CGI industry. The idea was unique and showed such great potential.

He actually died from falling off the building..(and that is to call the killer back to W world)..Yeon Joo give him life back and as he resquested no memories of her.the two world cannot be attached.Oh Yeon Joo also died from the villain gunshots but her father revive her..they both meeting life and Kang Chul becoming attach to her again without his memory of her just mean no matter what how many life times changes he is made for her..actually spicen up the goes with the storyline because the love story was the main point from the start..the story tellers are the OTP..drama is a fantasy theme and many messages are told with metaphors....if you cannot connect with the story ...please don't say it is messed up not.. I describe this series as mind-boggling, exciting and thrilling.

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