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In the most breathtaking display of condensed defensive dominance in NFL postseason history, White sacked Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe three times in the game’s final 18 minutes and squelched any hopes of a comeback.Since the beginning of the 2016 season, when the Eagles signed Cox to his six-year extension, their immediate success was mapped around Cox’s play.That is until "Isabella" entered the scene—or, more accurately, until Julia tried to enter the life of Andrew "Isabella"."The first time Andrew made dinner," Julia says, "the pieces of the puzzle started fitting together quickly.He spent more time having a conversation with the dog than with me." Julia noticed that the Andrew and "Isabella" were more of a couple that evening than she and Andrew.GIRLFRIENDS is a production of Happy Camper Productions and Grammnet Productions in association with CBS Paramount Network Television Inc.

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He had 5 1/2 sacks, even though he missed all or parts of three games and saw double-teams on virtually every snap he took … Last week, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said there is no better tackle in the game than Cox, so he can expect to see a lot of attention again Sunday.

“During the regular season, you’re kind of methodically going about your business,” Pederson said.

“Then you get closer to the playoffs, guys begin to hone in and focus in.” This has been building.

This was true even as they bet heavily on quarterback Carson Wentz, the second overall pick in 2016, but they never foresaw Wentz developing as quickly as he did, so they expected Cox & Co. Their plan has never looked better than it does today.

Since Wentz tore his left ACL in Game 13, the burden of winning shifted ever more to the defense, and Cox has been its postseason power plant.

She recalls, "I should have clued in earlier that this dog was taking up way too much of Andrew's life.

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