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Maribeth Decker Room: 2110This workshop is for people who love their animals as much as (or more than) the humans in their lives!Discover excellent practices for tuning into your animal and having a real, 2-way communication.Mara Berman Room: 1101Meet your angels and spiritual guides in an experiential meditation. Experience the comfort of nourishing white light and twelve dimensional rings infused with light splashing down on your aura. Cynthia Battino Room: 2100We are all beautifully unique, yet we constantly compare ourselves to others.

Join us for an overview of the ten most versatile essential oils for your home medicine cabinet. Healthy Spaces IQ, LLC will provide surprisingly simple solutions to protecting yourself from EMFs vs. Sheida Kourangi Room: 1103As the world spirals down into ever increasing crises, how can the World Teacher, Maitreya, the Masters of Wisdom and the Space Brothers help us forge a new destiny for our planet?

While I would be giving a "workshop", I would also like to do a galley reading to show how "feeling and intuition" work together and how it can be a "gift"!

Sandy Mc Dougall Room: 2110Ready to reach new levels of financial freedom and security?

Nelda Fink Room: 2111Learn the 5 key steps to break away from the life of chance and circumstance using the most powerful tool in all of creation. Room: 2112We travel through eternity with souls who incarnate with us time and again.

Discover your life of fullest potential—the life of limitlessness. Love is both the glue and foundation of these relationships and the learning, lessons and healing they are designed to accomplish.

Come to this workshop and learn to OWN your unique self. Joe Mancini Room: 2111Every time you make a decision, all the other paths you might have taken actually get realized, but in parallel lives.

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