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You have done well to heed the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who revealed to John (Rev 18 verse 4) the warning for men to "come out of her (Mystery Babylon), and to not partake of her sins, or receive her plagues", for one day soon, God will judge them, and their destruction will come in one hour's time.Daniel I read your account of free masonry and I totally agree with your beliefs.I would be interested in hearing your perspective as a former member and past WM. After receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, I started hearing more and more about freemasonry being a cult. How could I have known, after all they had a bible in the lodge and we prayed. Thanks to our true Lord, Jesus Christ, he did not give up on me and convicted me through the Holy Spirit to leave the Lodge, and now I am truly free, because the truth set me free.

The more information I read on the Masonic Lodge, the more distressed I become. I recently attended the funeral of a wonderful Baptist Minister who died.life will never be better on earth for all unless Jesus is here among us, so until then we can only watch, pray, and spread the Gospel. I thank the Lord Jesus for the words you have written here.I have found your testimony on Freemasonry and Christianity very enlightening and I thank our Lord Jesus for having led me here.In 1995 when I applied for membership to the Masons a reference was made that to join one had to "believe in God".As ignorant as I was at the time, it sounded OK with me.Is it possible you could give me a few words of advice?

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