Pros cons dating single dad matt and kim are they dating


You may feel tied to your parenting role and restricted in what you can do.Then there is the good old saying of feeling lonely in a crowd.The downside of this, of course, is when you say no and a tantrum ensues, or when they are utterly refusing to go to bed, or when they want something that they simply can’t have, you are alone, totally.If it takes 4 hours and your shins being kicked to hell and the whole house being trashed it’s still all you, just you.Whatever your situation, at some point that feeling of loneliness can hit.Pros –Being just you also means you have your own freedom and before you shout at the screen, you’re not free you have kids to looks after – freedom comes in many forms.

Cons – Well no-one else is going to do it, are they?!Pros – The high you get when you realize you can do it is amazing.The skills you learn along the way will not only stay with you but enable you to help others.Doesn’t matter if you snore nor do you have to put up with someone else’s snoring in your ear and keeping you awake? Cons – When a child has a strong will or determination and they know how to push your buttons it can be a battle of the wills.If you’re newly single then change your bedroom around to how you want it, get new bedding if your budget stretches that far. With no one to back you in your corner, it can feel like you’re arguing with the whole world and not just one 6 years old who is adamant odd socks, that are a week old, really are cool.One mum said she did just this when her ex moved out. As one mum rightly put it -“as the primary caregiver you are your child’s world”.

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