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A few days ago, Calvin Harris got together with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 for a show counting down his favorite songs from his career.

The track that topped that list, the song that literally changed his life, was his first single with current collaborator Rihanna, “We Found Love.”The seminal anthem -- which encapsulates not just the feeling of Harris' career.

Five years isn't the grandest watermark, yet the scope of “We Found Love” demands a retrospective even as it lingers in the collective mind.

Not yet old enough to be nostalgic, the five years Harris has lived since make the moments before feel nothing short of a lifetime ago.

“Stay vigilant,” he tells his fellow Masked Maniac members.

Michael Rotundo, aka “The Deadbeat Son,” made national news after a New York judge ordered him to move out of his parents’ house. The Miami-based MD performs controversial “lifestyle” medical treatments on his clients, including an “O-Shot” — an injection of calcium chloride and the patient's own blood platelets into the clitoris.

“I didn't know what it meant when I said it, and then you try to fit it into the nonsense sounds that work so well with the music...

It's actually a lot less clever than you think.”Calvin Harris Sings On New Song, ' My Way': Listen He didn't know who was going to sing it other than that it should be a woman.

As Harris tells Lowe, this was when his single “Bounce” with Kelis was getting play, before he'd even begun recording “Feel So Close.”Calvin Harris Says Pharrell Encouraged Him to Sing, Talks Working With Big Sean and Rihanna He was however entering a period of intensely focused writing, wherein he chose to hone his chops to find the perfect pop-dance sound.He's become a household name, a tabloid persona and certainly transcends the confines of a genre steeped in subcultural history.In five years, he's gone from hipster to heartthrob, and there's no real going back.Robert Sweet is not only a federal judge — he’s also an ice dancer.His wife, Adele, gave him a pair of ice skates 20 years ago, and he’s been hooked on the sport ever since. Of course Rihanna loved the demo and agreed to hop on, which was good thinking on her part: “We Found Love” remains Rihanna's biggest hit to date as well.

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