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This armistice was first proposed by the Sith Dark Council, under the leadership of the Sith Emperor.

Although wary of possible ulterior motives, the Republic's Galactic Senate accepted the offer out of desperation.

As the Senate worked to prioritize the Republic's defenses, many worlds were left wholly unprotected.

The representatives of these planets blatantly refused to take part in further debate, instead choosing to leave the Senate to its crippling deliberations.

The Great Galactic War that engulfed the galaxy in conflict for nearly three decades began in 3681 BBY with the return of the self-exiled remnants of the ancient Sith Empire.

These Sith were the surviving legacy of the ancient regime that had been defeated by the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order thousands of years prior in the Great Hyperspace War.

The Dark Council of the Sith contacted the Galactic Senate and expressed its interest in ending the war, proposing that the two governments send delegations to represent the interests of their people in a peace conference on Alderaan.

The Republic was still hesitant to accept the offer and was advised to use caution when dealing with the Sith by the Jedi Council, but desperation eventually pushed the leaders of the Senate to agree to the proposal and make plans for the conference.

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Harsh restrictions were even placed on Republic personnel who were acting in compliance with the treaty.The treaty was so significant that the Galactic Senate adopted the date of its signing as a new dating standard.The treaty established deadlines by which Republic forces and members of the Jedi Order were required to withdraw from battles against the Sith.For instance, all Republic vessels were required to announce their arrival to the airspace above a planet to Imperial authorities.Furthermore, to ensure compliance with the various clauses of the document, the Empire included a provision that allowed them to assign protocol droids to shadow certain individuals within the Republic and remind them of the mandates of the Treaty of Coruscant.Despite their convincing facade of sincerity, the Sith were in fact using the conference as a distraction from their ultimate objective—the capture of the Republic's capital world, Coruscant.

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