Okcupid dating test results

I would like to use this site and my profile again, but I would like to retake the tests in case some of my answers have changed. Whoever made the test on self-control needs to get a better education.

Not only is every profile show up as low, it couldn't be anymore innacurate, I get paid to pay attention to detail hahahaha I took test twice so it definitely is way off My chemistry results are completely wrong.

but the results show me as a party girl who would not like to settle down. 63 and with lymes means a quiet dinner and a couple hours dancing (after which i hurt like hell or am very tired, but well worth it and very aerobic besides)! also to allow for their growth as they get their grooves on and find out who they are.bottom line: age adjust and update, but not just let someone change what they don't like to re self control.

let's face it, that might not be a bad thing if you interpret the opposite of control freak!

Thanks in advance to IT for your anticipated positive response.

I agree that we should be able to retest on the Chemistry. My chemistry says I am not family oriented - but now I have my 8yr niece living with me!! If we could 'delete' our old results and take the test anew, that would solve the problem.

so, my test results seem to indicate i am not family oriented. as well as be there for their grandchildren and pets ( now have adopted my granddog). so, if i was younger and before taking on my kids in my 50's, let alone not being ill with lyme disease, my answers would have been different.

however, my answers reflected my exhaustion at the time i first took it and wanting a bit of reprieve. yes, i always hide the results, because they made me look very single.

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