Ny times muslim speed dating


” When I ask my mom to resolve that contradiction, she says stuff like “Allah knows best” and “It is already written.” When I snarkily retort that I should rest and live my life until it happens, my mom insists that I need to put in the work.

Currently this means subscribing to sites like Single Muslim.com, attending mixers, or fielding e-mails from different aunties in the community with photos and “biodata” of their suggestions.

The point of this exercise is to break down the divisions that exist in this simplistic environment that only seeks to demonize and further marginalize Muslim women.” Hanifa Deen, who happened to be on-hand while a Guardian reporter observed one recent question-and-answer session, said that the exercise fills a void often left by the news media and gives women a voice to speak about faith and culture.

“The media automatically goes to the men for comment, they ask the imams to talk about Muslim issues,” Deen said. We need to bring out the Muslim women.” For all of the liberty to be frank during these conversations, there is one topic that Assafiri says is sort of off-limits and, if broached, will “be interrogated and rejected.” Read the full story at The Guardian.

When I came home, my dad told me he had followed me in his car.

I was furious, but my parents were right to be suspicious. I was a rebellious teenager in the most brown way possible—a straight-A student, alcohol- and drug-free, enrolled in a million extracurriculars.

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I reject guys who are too overweight or short or boring. Still, I’m more studied at the process of co-ed communication than most.Every two weeks on a Sunday afternoon, folks arrive at Hana Assafiri’s Melbourne cafe to play a little “Ask a Muslim anything.” Many of the participants are Muslim women, and the idea is to get some real candid conversations going between people of differing backgrounds by letting those who are curious about Islam ask questions.“Nothing is off the table, and your questions can absolutely be frank and candid,” Assafiri told The Guardian in an interview.” A young man with low self-esteem told me he was an engineer, “like everybody else here.” Not all the women were sparkling conversationalists, either.A businesswoman sitting next to me interrogated each and every male with the same battery of questions: “What are the most important qualities in a partner? What qualities do you find attractive and unattractive?” I watched as man after man squirmed under her scrutiny.

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