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The rates depended on the service called; most services were far cheaper than this maximum.

It then paid back part of the sum to the companies operating Minitel servers.

In 1985 France Télécom earned 620 million francs (approximately million) from Minitel.

2,000 private companies earned 289 million francs (about million) during the year; Libération earned 2.5 million francs (about 0,000) from the service in September.

Companies could add up to 3 lines of complementary information and a "prehistoric" website.

Ads to the Minitel phone directory were sold by ODA (Office d'Annonces), today Pages Jaunes Groupe in Sèvres France.

Developed by 10,000 companies, in 1996, almost 26,000 different services were available.To reduce opposition from newspapers worried about competition from an electronic network, they were allowed to establish the first consumer services on Minitel.Libération offered 24-hour online news, such as results from events at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles that occurred overnight in France.France Télécom mentions, as an example of usage, that 12 million updates to personal "carte vitale" health-care cards were made through Minitel.It was accessible through the phone number 11; on 18 October 1996 (new French numbering system adopted), the access to the phone directory changed to 3611.In December 1985 Minitel users made more than 22 million calls, up 400% in one year.

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