Nikon f camera body dating


I just purchased a new NICON D5200 camera, I have had several cameras in my lifetime with several different lenses from 55mm to 300mm with this product and my new digital camera i am able to use these lenses.This adapter is simple to use, and expands your ability as a photographer ten fold.

Just have to make sure and use a lens hood to help that situation.

I think someone else in a review blamed like leaks, but I believe the person might have been seeing this flare issue.

I't's easy to figure out if one takes a moment to block side light from different angles in front of the lens.

I'd give it a 5 rating except for the tight fit on some lenses. I may buy a couple more just to have my other lenses ready.

It's not a quick change to put the adapter on another lens. I had a bag full of Canon and third party FD lenses for my F1 and F1n film cameras. I was especially interested in resurrecting a 400 mm telephoto for my Nikon D800. Manual focus and metering are not an issue for someone who took up photography in the early 1970s.

I fooled and fumbled with it and finally I am able to use FD lenses on my Nikon DSLR in manual mode. Giving four stars because I expected an instruction sheet in the packing.

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