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The couple offers encouragement as they explain how, with God's help, they've found healing from their painful past as they've persevered in their faith. I want everybody to shout so the audience can hear who’s here. And we’re going to talk to two guests today who have experienced that firsthand. And, uh, Bart formed the band Mercy Me with a couple of friends back in 1994. And I remember thinking, ah, that’s the kind of guy I want to marry.(Part 1 of 2) That’s music from Mercy Me, and lead singer Bart Millard and his wife Shannon our guests today on a special edition of Focus on the Family. And if along the way you feel a need to contact us, our website is, uh, is open 24/7 - And, of course, they’re super successful, very popular. That’s kind of where it stayed for a while, but then it just grew into, that’s who I want to marry.Instead, it is a time where a lot of personal growth and development can be found.When relationships are prioritized over personal growth, goals are sidelined and the overall success of the student suffers.Prioritizing relationships while in college can misconstrue perceptions of an individual’s future and obscures goals.

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Although this study was done on married couples and not college students, it still identifies the effects relationships play on the psyche.

And I think at the core of it, it’s to help you if you’re in a place where you don’t feel the presence of the Lord, you don’t believe your life is in a good place, maybe you’re broken.

They have, uh, an incredible story or two or three or four to share with us today. And I sang in youth group, like, for our little youth choir a couple of times. And so being a football player - a big kid, it wasn’t very fun. And what really caught my attention, um, was how you two met and how you knew each other. Tell me a bit about that experience and meeting Bart as a little girl. But you think that’s just your childish ways, you know. And, uh, for a few months, and then, it was just kind of on and off.

The stresses of a college relationship can ruin what should be a fun and memorable experience.

College is a time when young adults discover their true passions and direction for their lives.

Mindful re-evaluation of a current relationship could be a good idea if you feel like your personal freedoms and focus have been shifted.

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