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Much of the anti-Marrocco push is fueled by executives at companies that compete directly with longtime backers of the county political fixture.Marrocco has seldom faced any real opposition in re-election bids.

Another ,000 came from executives at Hubbell, Roth & Clark Inc., which has design service contracts with Macomb County Public Works to manage various tree removal and drain renovation projects.At least ,000 of the nearly 0,000 of direct political contributions to Miller since April have come from owners or senior executives in companies that have bid or subcontracted on Southeast Michigan public works projects in the past, some of whom said they have felt shut out of the process.That compares with at least ,000, or just less than half, the donations to Marrocco's campaign so far this calendar year.Marrocco is largely relying on a coterie of contractor and real estate industry donors, with about 0,000 raised through late August.Miller has received funding from a range of political action committees, stalwart Republican supporters — as well as excavators, engineers and architects who either compete with Marrocco donors or used to back Marrocco years ago.Anthony Marrocco, the Democratic Macomb County public works commissioner long seen as a kingmaker, faces a fierce election challenge — and not just from his opponent, GOP congresswoman Candice Miller.

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