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Notable disparities among regions were observed, particularly between rural and urban areas in Botswana, as with South Africa which has a similar trend.Between 20 many regions in Botswana experienced an improvement in the average reading and Mathematics performances of Grade 6 learners.Botswana’s 2007 mean scores in Mathematics and reading were 520.5 and 534.6 respectively, compared to South Africa’s means scores of 494.8 and 494.9.The overall SACMEQ III mean scores in the 2007 mathematics and reading were 509.5 and 511.8.Report of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on its Study Tour to Botswana, dated 5 November 2013 The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education, having undertaken a study tour to Botswana, reports as follows: 1.Introduction 1.1 The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education undertook an exploratory study tour to Botswana from 24 to 28 June 2013.Significant improvements were observed in the Foundation Phase, though there are still areas of concern.The results indicated significant deficiencies in knowledge and skills at the Intermediate Phase, particularly in Mathematics, as well as at Grade 9 level in Languages.

To establish what assists and what impedes the achievement of quality education.

1.5 The Committee had an opportunity to undertake visits to a total of eight schools located in the South East and Kgatleng regions, where members of the delegation interacted with regional officials led by Directors of Regional Operations, school heads and their staff, as well as members of the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs).

Schools visited by the delegation were: · Gaborone Secondary School (South East Region) · Tswaragano Primary School (Australia Project Ducere) (South East Region) · Linchwe Junior Secondary School (Kgatleng Region) · Molefi Senior Secondary School (Kgatleng Region) · Kgafela Primary School (British Council Project) (Kgatleng Region) · Ramogotsi Primary School (South East Region) · Ramotswa Primary School (Centre of the Deaf) (South East Region) · Ramotswa Junior Secondary School (South East Region) · Mophane Primary School (British Council Project) (South East Region) 1.6 Delegation The following Members of the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education undertook the study tour to Botswana: Hon H H Malgas, MP (ANC) (Chairperson and leader of the delegation), Hon N Gina MP (ANC) (Whip), Hon C Moni MP (ANC), Hon S Makhubele MP (ANC), Hon A Mashishi MP (ANC) and Hon A Lovemore MP (DA).

The performance in the Annual National Assessments (ANA) in Grades 3, 6 and 9 has also been low by national and international standards, despite the fact that government spends approximately six percent of the GDP on education.

South Africa performs below its own benchmarks in Literacy, Numeracy, Mathematics and Languages.

Overall, South Africa’s PIRLS was below the norm, achieving the lowest score of all 45 education systems.

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