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Freeset’s workers are paid at around double the average going rate for the work that they do, and are also supported by a full health insurance and pension package to ensure that Freesets employees can build a viable future for themselves.The women are employed full-time, and this vital income enables Freeset’s workers to gain not only their own independence from the sex trade, but also to offer opportunities and financial support to their families too.After a significant amount of research, trial and error to determine what type of self – sustainable business model would be able to provide both training and employment opportunities for women Freeset settled upon the production of jute bags for retail export as their product of choice.As the company grew, Freeset later expanded their range to include organic, sustainable fashion cotton T-shirts.Freeset was founded in 2001 by Kerry and Annie Hilton, who emigrated to India from New Zealand in 1999 with the intention of living and working with disadvantaged and poor communities.After inadvertently signing up for an apartment that soon proved to be located in the centre of the city’s largest red light district, Kerry and Annie realised that their new neighbourhood was home to thousands of women who had been forced into the sex industry by human trafficking and poverty.

medical journal found that female sex workers are almost 14 times more susceptible to HIV infection than other women in low and middle-income countries.As such, it is injurious to public health to exclude the voice of sex workers in the global conversation on AIDS.“I don’t know how we’re ever going to see an end to AIDS in our lifetime,” announced U. representative Barbara Lee from California, “without including all of those populations who must be involved as part of this solution.” Sex workers have proven to be phenomenal leaders in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. travel restrictions have denied entry to sex workers from around the world.C.-based sex worker rights organization, and several other international associations. “moral turpitude” laws, which bar anyone who has practiced prostitution in the last 10 years from entering the country, even if it was in a locale where prostitution is legal.“I am happy to be here as I can speak for myself rather than someone else speaking for me,” announced Daisy, a sex worker from Uganda at the Sex Worker Freedom Festival, a gathering of over 550 representatives of sex worker organizations from 41 countries. Recognizing that sex workers play a key role in the conversation on the spread of HIV/AIDS, the Sex Worker Freedom Festival was organized by the Darbur Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), a collective of 65,000 sex workers in West Bengal, and the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), an international NGO for the human rights of sex workers.

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