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[Viewed] hemispherically, the "Little Ice Age" can only be considered as a modest cooling of the Northern Hemisphere during this period of less than 1°C relative to late twentieth century viewed together, the currently available reconstructions indicate generally greater variability in centennial time scale trends over the last 1 kyr than was apparent in the TAR....

The result is a picture of relatively cool conditions in the seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries and warmth in the eleventh and early fifteenth centuries, but the warmest conditions are apparent in the twentieth century.

"From the second I step out of my front door I'm on show, and dwarfism isn't something you can't hide.

"Little people are often left out in the cold when it comes to fashion - we are overlooked as a community of people who are considered to be not interested in fashion, when that is simply not the case." More than 6,000 little people in the UK work for Models of Diversity and the founder, Angel, has queried why there are "no flagship stores that cater for little people's clothing".

Since then, she's had countless editorial and catwalk jobs for brands all over the world.

Mary said: "There are obviously issues - when I'm doing catwalk shows the adrenaline kicks in, and the excitement helps to numb the pain – but as soon as I'm backstage I need to sit down and have a break because my back's playing up.

Mum-of-one Mary, from Paddington, London, said: "I'm the only model I know of who's this small – a lot of models with dwarfism are a bit taller than me, at around 4ft6.

Speaking about her model pal and colleague who is 6ft, she added: "When I work with models like Georgia we do get a lot of strange reactions – people always gather to stop and stare.

"Trying to get served at bars is also a challenge as often staff can't see me waiting, I can never find any clothes to fit in shops, and things like cash machines and train ticket machines are also a bit hit and miss." Mary has been modelling since she discovered MOD online in 2014, and got in touch with founder Angel Sinclair – who snapped her up.Anecdotal evidence suggests expanding glaciers almost worldwide.Based on radiocarbon dating of roughly 150 samples of dead plant material with roots intact, collected from beneath ice caps on Baffin Island and Iceland, Miller et al.(2012) The first River Thames frost fair was in 1608 and the last in 1814; changes to the bridges and the addition of the Thames Embankment affected the river flow and depth, greatly diminishing the possibility of further freezes.Freezing of the Golden Horn and the southern section of the Bosphorus took place in 1622.The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report considered the timing and areas affected by the Little Ice Age suggested largely-independent regional climate changes rather than a globally-synchronous increased glaciation.

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