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It is up to the teacher and student to see if they are practical for their school situation.Any task documents from schools are Want some hints for doing a great Chem EEI?Go to How to do a Deadly ERT in Chem webpage Scroll down for the EEIs Fermentation and the alcoholic content of wine - analysis by titration The quality of Queensland wines is now recognised as amongst the best in Australia.Overseas exports are increasing, particularly to international markets seeking premium quality boutique wines.Or you could look at the susceptibility of yeasts to [SO.

Thus an interesting EEI can be undertaken in this context.From Dr Richard Walding, Ph D, FAIP, FRACI, CChem, Research Fellow - Griffith University, Australia Chemistry & Physics teacher - Moreton Bay College Author New Century Senior Physics textbook by Oxford University Press.Email: [email protected] Please note: the suggestions below are just ideas for EEIs; they have been trialled but do not guarantee success.How temperature and the final concentration of alcohol are related would make an ideal EEI.OTHER INDEPENDENT VARIABLES WORTH CONSIDERING (c) Acidity.SCHOOL WINEMAKING IN GENERAL Any fruit (or juice) works just fine although some require more sugar to be added.

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