K9 beast

The contest winners are presented here in seven sections: the web, food and drink, shopping, health and wellness, canine services, and shelter and rescue. Did your favorite blog, bakery, product, veterinarian, dog walker, and nonprofit make the cut?There are both familiar and new dog-centric businesses and individuals on the list.After nurturing, rehabilitating, or fostering furry friends, Muttville connects them with loving families who value the tail-wagging wisdom of an older generation. Runners-up: The Milo Foundation, Point Richmond, Milo Foundation.org; Furry Friends Food Relief Program, Brentwood, Furry Friends Food Re.wixsite.com/fffr; Everyone Loves a Corgi Meetups, San Francisco, Meetup.com/Everyone Corg Best Dog-Friendly Politician Gov. It’s not just customers who get pet-friendly perks; employees enjoy pet insurance and spend their days meeting the neighborhood four-leggers. It’s well loved for being an off-leash space where parents can run free beside their pooches (as long as furry ones are under voice control) and revel in cool grass on warm days.Jerry Brown It’s not every day you see a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pattering around an official government building or hitting the campaign trail. 2701 Isabel St., 888-327-2757, EBParks.org/Parks/Pt_Isabel. Runners-up: Fort Funston, San Francisco, Parks Conservancy.org/visit/park-sites/fort-funston.html; Hap Magee Ranch Park, Danville, gov/things-to-do/parks/community-parks/hap-magee-ranch; Upper Douglass Dog Play Area, San Francisco, SFRec Park.org; Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, SFRec Best Hiking Trail Fort Funston, San Francisco Voters love this eye-pleasing natural wonder not only for its beautiful coastal location, but also because it allows Fido to hike leash-free.Be sure to offer all hearty congratulations the next time you encounter them.

Fort Funston Road, 415-561-4700, Parks Conservancy.org/visit/park-sites/ Runners-up: Lands End, San Francisco, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Parks Conservancy.org/visit/park-sites/lands-end.html; Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, EBParks.org/parks/redwood; Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, EBParks.org/parks/tilden.htm; Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, Oakland, EBParks.org/parks/sibley Best View With a Dog Crissy Field, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco This isn’t the first time Crissy Field is taking the gold medal for gorgeous views paired with canine companionship. 1 for breathtaking oceanfront views and perfect curl-up-and-snuggle scenery. Ooh [Chorus: Madein TYO] Ooh, jump out the top (skrrt skrrt, ooh) Wrist on my watch (ooh, ooh) Told her to stop (hey, yeah) Learn how to watch (skrrt skrrt, yeah) Learn how to watch (sauce, yeah) Learn how to watch (ooh, uh) Learn how to watch (wam, yeah) Learn how to watch (wam, uh) Stack up my guap (ooh, uh) Weight in the pot (hey, uh) Rubbin' her spot (skrrt skrrt, uh) Learn how to watch (swag, yeah) Learn how to watch (ooh, yeah) Learn how to watch (ooh, yeah) Learn how to watch (hey, ooh) Learn how to watch (skrrt skrrt, ooh) [Verse: Mac Miller] Yeah, what it look like?Little too much sauce, get it cooked right I'm the same mothafucka, been the same mothafucka Make a mothafucka faint like Suge Knight Shit, better make time And it really ain't shit if it ain't mine I'm a beast, I'm a dog, I'm a K9 See the way I make her go down like a bassline (whoo!Beauty of the Beasts offers long- and short-sleeved tees featuring dog breed, agility, barn hunt, nose work, and flyball themes and more.We have a wide range of realistic and cartoony designs, all original!Along with our hundreds of original dog shirts, check out our dog breed bone magnets such as Border Collie Bus and Sheltie Shuttle, and Agility, Nose Work, Barn Hunt, etc.) and our Italian charms.

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