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The ALCS gives the Caldecott Medal “to the artist of the most distinguished American book for children (age 14 and under).” This is an example of the artwork they are elevating to award status geared for our children under 14!To see ten consecutive pages ending with the image on the right, go here.I collected excerpts from hundreds of such books that are not only common in school libraries but are often assigned by teachers as mandatory reading assignments.” ).The middle-grade (5 – 8th) Newbery winners of the past fifty years, like this one, this one, this one, and this one, have garnered their own share of praise simply for blazing the trail in literary edginess.In order to ‘keep the children reading’, they’re offering something ‘bold’ and ‘up-to-date’ in tween literature.There is talk of witchcraft, specifics of private parts, and so much more.

We were almost too busy to see the sharp decline in wholesome adventure and mental food to inspire a young heart to courageous living.

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“There are few very libraries today in which I would leave my 13-year-old unescorted, because, unfortunately, the protection and safety of our children is simply no longer a priority for libraries or for the ALA.

In his article Baldwin wrote, “The authentic literature books are rife with profanity and are dominated by themes of death, crime, drug addiction, occultism, rapes, gang beatings, weird sex, homosexual encounters, and so on.

Shockingly, many of them violate state obscenity laws and even school district age appropriate regulations.

You, after all, are the best judge for your own family.

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