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would send you an alert to check out this site: You can then contact them to say you’re interesting in guest posting too. As you’ll see later in this article this works for everything from monitoring your brand’s presence online, to finding link building opportunities and important questions you could use your content to answer.Also, there’s something else that’s really great about Google Alerts…Brand monitoring allows you to find hundreds of new opportunities from the places you’ve been mentioned.If your brand name – be it your name or your website name – is mentioned on a website, forum, comment or blog post you’ll receive an alert right to your inbox.Google Alerts is the most powerful free marketing tool that you’re not using.

Well now you can use Google Alerts to monitor mentions of that article and see what’s being said.For completely free you can access thousands of pieces of targeted information right in your inbox.Spoon-feeding you the data and resources you need to get ahead of the competition.Here are a few examples you can use: This is a simple, but effective, Google Alert that you can’t afford to not be using.By monitoring questions in your niche you’re able to receive real-time updates about when someone has asked a question know the answer to.And once you’ve setup your first three or four updates you can really do this in 10 seconds.

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