Intimidating xbox gamertags


The D-pad is much less stiff and allows the thumb to more easily sweep across it for better input in fighting games—fixing the biggest complaint I had with the Xbox 360 pad.

Start and Back buttons have been replaced with View and Menu, both of which allow faster interaction with the Xbox One dashboard and UI.

The Xbox One started its journey along a very bumpy road.

The console was announced with few games, and in gaming's place came too much focus on TV, the NFL, and a bunch of other things gamers care very little about.

An NFL app shows scores, stats, even connects you with’s Fantasy Football.

It’s got Bing, it’s got Internet Explorer (some of you may see these two as cons), and it’s got Skype to make video calls through the Kinect camera. Hitting the Xbox One logo in the middle of the controller, or by saying “Xbox, home," you’re instantly brought back the dashboard home screen.

Live tiles make up the menu, leading to games, the Store, Friends, TV, Movies, Music, and a bevy of apps.

Depending on what game you’re playing the most, or what apps you’re getting the most use out of, you can pin them to the start menu for easier access. It can play your personal files on a home network via a Sky Drive app.

Kinect proves to be a useful addition immediately out of the box even if only for voice commands or logging you into your account when it sees your face.The Xbox One itself strikes a pleasant balance between a futuristic vision and a retro VCR vibe.It exudes power due to its stocky design which looks more like a cable box than a game console.After a short initial setup, I connected to Xbox Live, logged into my Gamertag, and had Kinect get to know me so that it could recognize my face and log me in instantly in the future.Once this was over and done with, a green Xbox One logo stalls you for a few minutes—the excitement begins.Despite showing plenty of software at E3, Microsoft’s presentation did little to earn the support of gamers, and confirmations of risky rumors like an always-on DRM and mandatory Kinect ended up causing widespread consumer distrust.

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