Historical analysis of college campus interracial dating

In addition to this we provide a research “capstone” to the undergraduate experience, integrating the knowledge and skills acquired in the sociology curriculum.

The positive association between education and intercultural marriage is a hotly debated issue.Literature measuring social distance among various racial/ethnic groups has found that non-Black minorities hold higher social positions than Blacks but lower social positions than Whites [12].Due to the history of enslavement and intense race relations in the U.Contrary to the post-racial rhetoric, a few recent studies have found high levels of dating segregation among college students [3].This is unexpected because college students meet all of the criteria required for meaningful racial/ethnic mixing—young in age, of a post-modern cohort, high educational status, frequent cross-race/ethnicity contact, and are outside of immediate family sanctioning [5,6].For example, among White men entering into an intercultural marriage, 46% married a Latina, 27% married an Asian woman, and only 7% married a Black woman; among White women entering into an intercultural marriage, 51% married a Latino, 20% married a Black man, and only 9% married an Asian man.

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