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Every meal the two of us ate came in around 150-200 RMB minimum while at the more expensive restaurants we visited entrees were as much as 180-250 RMB each!At every restaurant we experienced the same phenomenon that happens only once in a while anywhere else I have ever been.Interestingly enough the nearby Suns Club seemed to not be as affected by this foreign invasion so we proceeded to have a blast over there for the rest of the evening.Food in town is also an adventure, often quite bad and overpriced at the same time.The politicians are so corrupt, they make the US Congress look like nuns.Every time I look at the Chinese news, I see a story about some mid-level provincial government official who owns 37 houses or some spoiled brat kid of a government bigwig wrapping his Ferrari around a telephone pole with a couple Tibetan hookers in the passenger seat.That is, we would point to order something on the menu and a few minutes later they would come back and tell us that that item was not available, or in Mandarin, “meiyo”.We never ate a meal where they had what we chose first and several times in the four day trip we would have to choose 3, 4, even 5 things before they actually had something.

I try not to judge people based on the color of their skin but when a bunch of lower class black guys come into a club in the nicest part of town and take the place over all at once it is never a positive sign for Single Dudes or little Chinese chicks.Certainly if you look at the numbers coming out of China in terms of GDP growth, corporate profits, and so on, extrapolate it and it would seem that a titanic economic powerhouse is rising in the East.However there is one problem: they are lying about everything.It seemed like every local girl we met who we were able to communicate with was a buyer of some local factory produced product and hated their job.Still, it’s not bad to be a white guy in China as far as girls are concerned.The view along the Pearl River is great and there are many clubs and bars there.

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