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Plus, I was young, single and free; the perfect formula for adventure.

I first met John at a downtown nightclub shortly after I arrived.

Although I managed to track down his sister and parents to offer my condolences, they were a year down the path of acceptance by the time I found out.

Death that is digitally delivered offers little closure.

I later found out that he had given up his mobile phone so he could sponsor a child.John was studying to be an actor, and was full of enthusiasm for life.When he wasn’t at acting classes he was learning a new language, dancing the Salsa or helping people.A ceremony is an important part of processing death and I had missed it all.While the internet gave me important information, it could not offer the human connection that a phone call from a friend or relative could.Trembling, I clicked on the link and there was his picture. His online obituary had hundreds of tributes, each one devastating, each one full of praise for the humble, kind, generous man that he was.

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