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The dreaded negotiation over price should take less than 10 minutes.The rest of the time will be spent looking up your account and reviewing what kinds of offers are available to you.Time Warner is likely to be more amenable offering you a better deal that also upgrades your service.

Social media representatives on Twitter and Facebook are no longer authorized to help customers with customer retention plans.This year, we decided to enlist the help of volunteers who are also Time Warner Cable customers to see what kind of savings we could negotiate from the cable company that dominates much of the northeast, Texas, southern California, and parts of the midwest.We’re happy to report even greater savings (more than 0 annually for some) are there for the asking.Expect to spend about 30 minutes before calling reviewing your current bill, cross-matching it with the closest new customer promotion on Time Warner’s website, and reviewing what the phone company is currently selling that most closely matches your existing service.Expect the call to Time Warner will take up to 30 minutes, including hold time.The variability in cost usually has to do with the Internet speed you choose and how much equipment you have in your home. If your offer is in this ballpark, it’s probably a good one.

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