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Against his mother's wishes, Kevin decides to play "no-equipment" football in Shepherd's Park with his friends after school.After finding blood on his shirt, Norma (Alley Mills) tries taking Kevin clothes shopping to distract him from playing, but it backfires.This episode sort of contradicts the story line of the Season 2 finale, in which Paul leaves town with his family immediately after school ends for the summer.In that episode, Kevin learns to his dismay that Paul will not return home until after Labor Day Weekend.

Note: There is some conflict between this episode and the preceding episode, "How I Am Spending My Summer Vacation" (the Season 2 finale), due to lack of series continuity.

In the remaining days of summer, the Arnolds decide to take a vacation trip to Ocean City, in part for old times' sake, since it was Jack and Norma's honeymoon destination.

Paul comes along, but the vacation turns out to be a disaster, as Paul gets car-sick and throws up a couple of times and later appears to get sunburned but actually develops an allergic reaction to fish he ate, which forces him to stay inside for the remainder of the week-long vacation; add to that Wayne's constant bullying, Karen's belly-aching and complaining, and Jack's constant complaining about the high prices.

Kevin soon realizes that this game is dangerous when he gets hurt while being gang tackled and has to bandage his wounds himself. Weber (Nicholas Hormann) is holding auditions for the school play Our Town and Winnie gets the leading role while Kevin and Paul are in charge of working the spotlight.

Guest-starring: Sean Baca in his first appearance as Craig Hobson; Brandon Crane in his first appearance as Doug Porter; Michael Tricario in his first appearance as Randy Mitchell. When Paul's nerves get the best of him, it's up to Kevin to run the spotlight, which he awkwardly does until Winnie's moving performance inspires him and leads her father to move back in with her and her mother.

An underground (literally) genetic engineering lab formerly run by Dr. The lab is responsible for creating Superboy from Superman's stolen DNA.

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