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(I) publish important diplomatic events, on foreign policy, is responsible for important national foreign affairs journalism, public diplomacy, head of Foreign Affairs Permanent Mission of journalists and foreign news agencies in China.(J) for external rituals and ceremonies of the State Affairs, responsible for national important foreign affairs matters of Protocol, responsible for diplomatic agencies in China, courtesy, diplomatic privileges and immunities. Management of foreign diplomatic and consular offices in charge of foreign and overseas Chinese Affairs work; work done and participate in foreign-related cases in the territory's external negotiations; for consular protection and assistance work, coordinate relevant departments, local governments and direct diplomatic agencies dealing with consular protection and assistance cases, early warning information release consular protection and assistance.(VII) for handling external to conclude bilateral and multilateral treaties, is responsible for matters relating to international judicial cooperation, responsible for or involved in dealing with major legal cases involving State and Government, assist in the examination of the draft laws and regulations concerning Foreign Affairs, organize and coordinate the work related to China's implementation of international conventions, agreements.

The current Minister, Yang Jiechi, current principal officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Dai bingguo QIAO Zonghuai also Wu Dawei Lu Guozeng Li Jinzhang Li Hui CUI Tiankai said he Yafei Zhai Juan Kong Quan.

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