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I was born in UP and lived in Lucknow for around 20 years.

I love this site and going to narrate my true story to all of you.

Now my mother's body was fully covered up but she could not make an eye contact with me.

Then I came out of bathroom and I was only in my underwear.

Although he left a good amount of money for both of us to live comfortably for the remaining part of our lives but I wanted to do something on my own but my mother insisted me to finish my studies first and then do something else.

Therefore I continued with my studies while helping my mother to settle in life after the death of my father. But she was a woman too who had desires & senses as she was barely 37 when my father died.

In the way I thought about my mother and what she did today. She has got very good hips, which are shaped like an apple, although I saw them only today. Not only I love as a mom now I want to love her as my woman too. I was real horny now with a strong desire to suck and fuck my mother.

Now after the death of my father she has not much choice other that looking after me so she is not in any sexual contact with anybody, now I will be fulfilling her desires. I reached home and was slightly nervous as I bought the beers for the first time.

I found her hot, as she could not complete her masturbation in the afternoon.

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