Definition of a dating player


Accidental: a sign -- a sharp, flat, or natural -- indicating the raising or lowering of a note.

Analogue sound: method of sound reproduction that imitates the original on electromagnetic tape or disc.

Generally designed to display virtuosity, it has been a consistently popular form since the 18th century.

Concertos have been written for every imaginable instrument as soloist; and there are also "concertos for orchestra" displaying virtuosity throughout the orchestra, written by such 20th century composers as Bartok, Roberto Gerhard, and Elliot Carter.

Chant: unison singing of sacred texts in free rhythm similar to the rhythm of speech. Chest voice: the lower part of the singing voice, as opposed to head voice.

Choir: a group of singer, usually more than one to a part.

although it characteristics are a concern for order and balance, its most important productions are notable as much for passion and feeling within considered forms.

the chromatic scale includes all twelve notes in the octave.Clef: a symbol at the beginning of a line of music that denotes the pitch of a particular note and thus also the pitches of the notes on all the other lines and spaces.the most common clefs are treble, bass, alto and tenor; some instruments commonly use two or even three in succession to accommodate their wide range. Col legno: (of stringed instruments) tapping against or drawing across the strings with the wooden back of the bow rather than the hair.Conductor: - the director of a group of performers, indicating the tempo by beating and communicating phrasing, dynamics and style by gesture and facial expression.Console: the keyboards, stops, and pedals of an organ, by which the player activates and controls the organ's sounds.Consonance: in diatonic harmony, a group of tones that are heard as a compatible combination when sounded together; its opposite is dissonance.

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